Golden Clouds Above Kissing Camels

Golden Clouds Above Kissing Camels

The twisted branches of an ancient juniper frame Pikes Peak and the Kissing Camels of Garden of the Gods as the sun sets leaving traces of gold in the clouds.

Details:  This photo was taken at the same spot as this image but at sunset instead of sunrise. The remnants of an afternoon thunderstorm make a nice canvas for the sun, which has just set, to paint.  I love the colors in this image, from the gold and silver in the clouds, to the brilliant orange rocks, to the green of the junipers and the deep purple of Pikes Peak.  I also like the sense of motion provided by the clouds and how it contrasts with the stillness of the rocks and the old branches. To capture all the color and detail in the highlights and shadows in this shot, I captured it using three exposures and HDR processing.

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